nsquared spydar is making it cheaper and easier to run large scale research projects. Giving you time to focus on making sense of the results. Using the latest in sensor and cloud technology nsquared spydar captures video, audio and written answers and collates the information into a cloud store that your business can work with from anywhere.

Throughout history many great people have collected data in order to gain greater understanding and knowledge.

nsquared spydar

The modern way to manage your in-person surveys.

nsquared spydar streamlines the workflow for survey managers and organisers, making the entire process less costly. With nsquared spydar your survey will become more efficient and effective.

Previously a lot of energy has been expended on the process of collecting rather than understanding the data. With nsquared spydar you can change that and reduce the cost of data collection.

Your focus can be placed on the information rather than the process of collecting data. You can record video and audio for interviews, and automate a review process to streamline the process for surveyors and organizers. You can customize questions and answers to suit every survey from clinical trials to market research.

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Collect more than just the answers with video and audio capture.

Industry Applications

Banking - loans and finance

nsquared spydar has the ability to make your financing offers more secure and legally ‘safe’. Having records to refer to can provide unequivocal confirmation that your customers were advised according to process and legal requirements. This system has the ability to help customers be more mindful during the process. In addition, it provides you with records of the process that are irrefutable should the need arise.


Recruitment drives are notoriously laborious and costly processes. Given the investment there is often a lot of pressure to make the right hire. With nsquared spydar you can record the interviews of your final round candidates (text, video and audio can be stored) so that you can refer back and find the right person to join your team based on the actual interview, rather than your human memory of the interview. We believe nsquared spydar will change the recruitment process for all organisations for the better.

Clinical trial studies

With insightful analysis, the data collected from clinical trial studies can lead to significant scientific breakthroughs that have far reaching effects for all of human society. Clinical trials are by their nature costly and prone to human error. By using nsquared spydar as your survey management tool, you can reduce your costs by improving the efficiency with which the collected data is analysed. The online system allows you to create and conduct surveys whether you’re online or offline. The video and / or audio files are encrypted and stored online, allowing you to automate a review process. The system is highly secure and allows you to utilise all the benefits of modern technology.

Market Research studies

The completely customisable survey management system enables you to have several surveys running concurrently. Whether your interviewers are online or offline, they’re always able to access the system and collect data. This system will increase the speed at which you can collect accurate data and then analyse it. The software is intuitive to use and easy to operate by everyone. Find out how to make your market research studies yield more for less.

Sales and Marketing

When members of your sales team visit existing customers you can make sure they are collecting materials that can be used for marketing the products your customers love. With nsquared spydar every customer site visit can become an opportunity to collect testimonial videos and personal reports of how your customers use your products and services. The cloud hosted questionnaires will ensure your sales team makes a consistent set of requests from each client.

Using an advanced sensor gives nsquared spydar capabilities beyond just text collection.

How It Works

This new survey management system makes running large-scale projects cheaper and easier. It means that you now have the time to focus on making sense of the results, which is what really counts!

nsquared spydar uses the latest in sensor and cloud technology to capture video, audio and written answers before collating the information into a cloud store that your business can work with from anywhere.

1. Install nsquared spydar

2. Create Studies using Admin Portal

3. Create questions using Admin Portal

4. Conduct Interviews

5. Conduct Review

Now you're ready to analyse that data - which is the whole point of the exercise!
No more arduous paperwork or the costly human error that abounded with paper based interview studies
Way more time to focus on analyzing the results
Share the information with the world quicker than ever before!

Created with close client approval and extensive industry research, nsquared spydar is designed to resemble your current workflow as closely as possible, so the switch is easy.

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